Dirndl and lederhosen are ready, knuckles (I.e.are ordered and cool Löwenbräu 🍺 waiting to be drunk by YOU.
Just in time for this, we are hosting our annual OKTOBERFEST TOURNAMENT on Saturday 😍
We look forward to numerous participations and to a nice evening with you.❤️
➡️Register now quickly!
By the way: even non-golfing companions are very welcome in the evening 🍴🍻
This is where the small brook of our adventure golf course rises, which even flows into a small pond. 💦⛲️
Through our old feeding troughs Gut Hühnerhofs flows through the brook and serves as an obstacle for two of our adventure golf courses. ❤️
The ball has to be played skilfully over the small stream, which creates a real water hazard.💧😍
Finally it flows into our little pond - if you look closely, you can spot one or two fish or frogs. ????🐸
Come and visit us, maybe this weekend? ????
With the full commitment of our greenkeepers, we have aerated our two courses again. ⛳️🚜
The guys really stepped on the gas to enable you to play a normal game again very quickly. 🏌🏼🏌🏻‍♀️
First, holes were punched in our greens, the punched-out parts were removed and finally the holes were filled with sand. (I.e.🚜
This work on the green aerates the lawn and loosens the soil compaction caused by the game. ????🏌🏼‍♂️
Among other things, this leads to better nutrient and water transport💧 and thus to great greens for your game! ⛳️
You had a stressful day or you just want to enjoy the late summer outside ☀️(I.e.
➡️ How about a round of mini golf right at our hotel(I.e.(I.e.

We hope you have something nice planned too😎☀️?

❓This means:
ALL must have one of the 3 G's (recover🦠, Vaccinated????, Tested🧫) fulfill!
➡️That means for you to show your corresponding proof before each round. 🏌🏻
This also applies to visits to our practice facilities (driving range, putting and chipping green) as well as to the mini and adventure golf course. ⛳️
Attention: the vaccination and test certificates are only valid in connection with an identity card.
So please be so kind and have both ready when you register.❤️
It is all the more important that everyone on your flight registers with us and that they still do so with mouth and nose protection.😷
We are so grateful to you for your support so far in the pandemic and we are sure that with your help we will be able to implement these new rules well. THANKS 🙏🏼
Two holiday camps, 32 children and teenagers, 8 days of action and lots of fun. ⛳️🏌🏻
After six weeks of summer vacation, that's behind our golf instructors and our young golfers. 😍
In four days each, Markus Münch and Jan Niclas Keller gave everything to introduce the children to golf in a playful way or to achieve real success with the advanced players. 🥇🥈
The latter was particularly evident at the big final tournament on our 9-hole course. 🏆⛳️
Thanks to you for your effort and creativity! A big thank you also to the Heckers restaurant for catering to the hungry pack. (I.e.(I.e.
If you feel like it now: another holiday camp will take place during the autumn break. 😍????????
➡️ We are ready for the weekend and look forward to many dear guests 🍀 ⬅️
MeinTophotel is looking for the coolest conference room in 2021 and we are very proud that our classroom made it into the top 8 ☺!
Now you have the choice and we would be delighted to receive your support🍀!
you can choose our classroom as the coolest conference room in 2021❗❗❗
After two exciting days with beautiful sunshine on Saturday and a short storm break on Sunday, this year's club champions have been chosen! ☀️(I.e.
With up to three rounds and sometimes close results, the titles were again fiercely contested this year. 🏆⛳️
We warmly congratulate the winners ❤️
You can find the detailed report on our website again this year - online from next weekend 💻😍