Club championship golf park Gut Hühnerhof 2017

Last weekend, the golf park club championship took place over two game days Gut Hühnerhofs instead.

On Saturday, the youth went to the field first at 7.50 a.m., followed by the women, the senior women, the senior citizens and the men. Since the youngsters only played one round, Adrian Witte was able to secure the title “Clubmaster Youth” for the third time in a row with a total of 18 strokes on Saturday after only 3 holes.

The second game day was also supposed to start early at 8.00:50 a.m., but the participants were faced with a smoke screen, so that visibility was limited to 2 meters. The players spent the waiting time of 10.00 hours together in front of the fireplace with coffee and nice conversations. The women started at 86 a.m. sharp. Nina Klammer led with an 85 and an 10 with a difference of 182 strokes, clearly ahead of Yvette Keller, who played a 183 in total. Isabella Urban followed closely with XNUMX strokes.
After the first round, Claudia Andreas led the senior women with 86 strokes ahead of Sybille Lumme (88 strokes). Unfortunately, Ms. Andreas had to stop the second round due to illness, so that the others could now reckon with good chances of victory. In the end it was a duel between Verena Neumetzger and Lumme. With a difference of only one stroke, the opponents prevented a sting and Lumme was able to secure the title again after the break last year.

In the senior class, Horst Geiger was able to defend his lead in the first round and took the title with an 86 and an 84 round. With a total of 8 strokes he led in the end before the second Werner Oschütz and with 10 strokes before the third Manfred Berung.

Angelo di Vincenco led after the first round in the men with an 1 and a stroke difference of 82 strokes in front of Sascha Kopunovic. However, he had to pass the lead to Dr. Markus Irmscher, who played the best round of the championship with a 2 and finally reached the clubhouse with 2 strokes ahead of di Vincenco.

The weather was at its best after the foggy morning, so that the participants waited for the award ceremony with a champagne and mini beer reception on the terrace of the Heckers restaurant, just like on the first day of the game. This was led at 17.00 p.m. by Michael Hecker, the club manager and junior boss, who welcomed the winners Adrian Witte, Nina Klammer, Sybille Lumme, Horst Geiger and Dr. Markus Irmscher presented their presents in the form of an engraved board from the in-house joiner's workshop, a bottle of Prosecco and a certificate. Appropriately, Dr. Markus Irmscher gave a speech in which he expressed his wishes for the next season. Among other things, he hopes that the sense of community and the club atmosphere, similar to the morning social gathering, can be further developed. He also thanked the team around Michael Hecker for the smooth organization and the ideal location. After the joint winning photo, everyone present ended the evening together with the drinks group sponsored by Irmscher.

Our barefoot path and the Kneipp health facility have now been officially opened in a festive setting, with Mayor Helfrich and the municipal council of Gründauer. Thank you very much for this visit.

We are particularly pleased with the large number of visitors over the past few weeks!

Here is the GNZ report:

Summer camp 2017 golf school Gut Hühnerhof

A few last impressions from the FERIENCAMP last week.
Despite the changeable weather, everyone had a lot of fun on the pitch, as was the case with the “don't get annoyed” on the putting green.
Thanks to all of you, it's been a great week!

Holiday camp golf school Gut Hühnerhof - Summer 2017

Our kids and adolescents: from beginners to “professionals” everything is included - we look forward to the large number of participants!

We also had a visit from the Rot-Weiß Linsengericht eV tennis club today - it's great that you had such fun playing golf :)
For all those who unfortunately cannot be there during the summer holidays, a little tip: there is also a holiday camp in autumn.


Barefoot path Gut Hühnerhof

The new barefoot path on the 18-hole golf course opposite the Heckers Restaurant is finished and was directly inaugurated!
100 meters filled with a wide variety of materials:
E.g. tree trunk, large stones, sand, lava stones, gravel, wood chips, bark mulch, chestnut pegs and much more.
This is a real experience for the feet! And finally a cool down at the Kneipp health facility....
Try it yourself.
We wish all guests a lot of fun!

Construction work barefoot path Gut Hühnerhof

Now let's start - with tree trunks and a lot of muscle power

Our new, unique barefoot path is being built right next to the Kneipp facility on the 18-hole course. Our men are working at full speed to finish this in the next few weeks.
We will keep you up to date….

TEE SCHOOL golf project Gut Hühnerhof

Shortly before the summer holidays, a great project took place with the primary school at Hofgut in Mittel-Gründau.
Many thanks to everyone involved and the organizers, to the sports instructor Mr. Steinbrecher and to our pros at the golf school.
Dear kids, it was a lot of fun with you guys. Come over again

We look forward to seeing you!

Hühnerhof meets VcG - tournament 2017

Last Sunday this year took place on our 18-hole course Gut Hühnerhof meets VcG tournament.
A total of 69 participants took part, 22 of whom belong to the VcG. The players took in the somewhat cooler temperatures as a welcome change and were in a good mood after arriving at the clubhouse. In addition to the regular prices, a green fee voucher from the Gut Hühnerhofs raffled.
A very special highlight, however, was the raffle for a great prize from the Bad Griesbach golf resort, including 2 green fees and 2 overnight stays.
We congratulate the winners and look forward to welcoming you again in large numbers to the monthly mug next Saturday!

Construction work on bunker hole 13 - 18-hole golf park facility Gut Hühnerhof

Construction work on the golf course is in full swing. However, our golfers have to wait a little longer before the opening because the grass has to grow.

We wish all golfers a lot of fun with this new challenge!

Opening ceremony chipping facility golf park Gut Hühnerhof

Today around 12:30 p.m. it was time to cut the ribbon and raise your glasses!
Ms. Sonja Senzel, representing District Administrator Pipa, and Mayor Gerald Helfrich, along with the Hecker family, ceremoniously cut the ribbon for the opening of the new chipping facility on the 18-hole golf course.
Some golfers were also present. Our long-standing and loyal member Dietmar Tusche made the first blow on the new system.
We wish all golfers a lot of fun on the new course!