And didn't have much to do. pock pock.
I once laid an egg. 🥚
And sometimes two on Sundays. 🥚🥚
pock pock.
Two eggs 🥚🥚 our chickens can 🐓 don't lay eggs, but one egg a day is so tasty (I.e. that you don't want to eat anything else.😋
You can buy the eggs at our hotel reception, the 9 or 18 hole golf course.
Enjoy the meal! (I.e.🥚🐓
Ever more wintry and Christmassy have some busy elves 🇧🇷 decorated our adventure golf course. ????⛳️
Every Advent weekend you can expect delicious mulled wine, hot punch and homemade waffles and little things to take home. 😍🧇
Together with the Heckers we are there for you every Advent Saturday & Sunday:
????Saturday 14 a.m. - 20 a.m.
????Sunday 12 p.m. - 18 p.m.
Shall we see you later? ❄️
How about a round of adventure golf with the whole family? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Did you know that our adventure golf course was mainly created with natural materials that are... Gut Hühnerhof and remember its individual trades? ⚒🐓
Original, down-to-earth and of course made in our estate carpentry 😍🪚
In addition to these small details you will find a miniatureGut Hühnerhof 🏠 made of wood, a small chicken coop 🐓 and also a water hazard that really challenges you. 💦🏌🏼‍♂️
At the same time there are many other lovingly designed little things to discover and with a cold drink you can also enjoy the hot weather under our sun sails. (I.e.☀️
Have you already visited our adventure golf course?
Tell us - what is your favorite train? ❤️⛳️
That's definitely how we feel with our adventure golf course from above. 🔝????
Can you discover your favorite train? ⛳️
Enjoy a relaxing day, let yourself be pampered and feel free to visit us this Sunday. 💕☀️
Our adventure golf hut is waiting for you from 12:00 p.m. with delicious drinks.(I.e.🍻
We wish you a wonderful start into the weekend (I.e.😍
What are your plans for the weekend?
Couch-🥔 or do you prefer a round of golf?🏌🏻⛳️
➡️ Our tip: Save the last start times quickly ⏰ aaaaand be sure to visit our adventure golf hut on Sunday! (I.e.🍻

Come by our adventure golf course from 11 a.m. and enjoy our freshly tapped Tegernsee. 🍺😋

We wish you all a scary, scary Halloween today 🎃
➡️ Remember, from 12 noon to 18 p.m. there is adventure golf today with our dear colleagues from Heckers - restaurant, café, bar Mulled wine and many other delicious things 🧉🆒️.
Have a look 👍
From October 31st you can meet again every Sunday through the team from Heckers restaurant look forward to our adventure golf course. 😍
Whether after a round of golf or after adventure golf with the whole family - we look forward to seeing you! ❤️
What more do you want?
From October 31st you can look forward to the team from the Heckers restaurant on our adventure golf course every Sunday. 😍
Whether after a round of golf or after adventure golf with the whole family - we look forward to seeing you! ❤️