This is where the small brook of our adventure golf course rises, which even flows into a small pond. 💦⛲️
Through our old feeding troughs Gut Hühnerhofs flows through the brook and serves as an obstacle for two of our adventure golf courses. ❤️
The ball has to be played skilfully over the small stream, which creates a real water hazard.💧😍
Finally it flows into our little pond - if you look closely, you can spot one or two fish or frogs. ????🐸
Come and visit us, maybe this weekend? ????
❓This means:
ALL must have one of the 3 G's (recover🦠, Vaccinated????, Tested🧫) fulfill!
➡️That means for you to show your corresponding proof before each round. 🏌🏻
This also applies to visits to our practice facilities (driving range, putting and chipping green) as well as to the mini and adventure golf course. ⛳️
Attention: the vaccination and test certificates are only valid in connection with an identity card.
So please be so kind and have both ready when you register.❤️
It is all the more important that everyone on your flight registers with us and that they still do so with mouth and nose protection.😷
We are so grateful to you for your support so far in the pandemic and we are sure that with your help we will be able to implement these new rules well. THANKS 🙏🏼
On Saturday the time has come, this year's adventure golf action day as part of the Mein-Kinzig summer. ⛳️
For each of our adventure golfers on Saturday, no matter whether big or small, there will be EINE KUGEL delicious home-made Heckers ice cream for free on the adventure golf round on this day. 😍🍦🍨
The great ice cream van of the Heckers restaurant is already in the starting blocks for you, rackets and balls are ready and we are really looking forward to your visit! ❤️❤️
We are happy to be part of the Mein-Kinzig summer of Spessart Tourismus GmbH and the Main-Kinzig district again this year. 😍☀️
Another great vacation activity for families is featured here every week. This week, among other things, our beautiful adventure golf course, crowned by our adventure golf day of action on SATURDAY! ⛳️❤️
Now there is already not just one, but FIVE family vouchers for 4 people to win. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🏌🏻‍♀️
How do you participate? Quite simply on the website of the Main-Kinzig district. 💻📲
We have also thought of a little something for you on Saturday ➡️ Stay tuned 🤫🤫
The second week of the holiday is almost over and you are slowly getting bored? We may have the right solution for you!🏌🏻‍♀️⛳️
Also this year we are involved in the Mein-Kinzig-Summer of the Spessart tourism. ☀️????
On August 07th there are great family prizes to be won again and we are also thinking about one or the other highlight for you. 😍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
It remains to be seen what we have come up with for you this year. ☺️
Feel free to drop by beforehand - our adventure golf course is open daily from 09 a.m. to 00 p.m. (Attention: Tuesdays only until 21 p.m.) (I.e.⛳️
We are looking for a SLOTTING DEVICE 🪚🛠⚙️
In order to continue our project on the adventure golf course, we absolutely need YOUR SUPPORT!
We are looking for:
🢢 BB chain mortiser SG 502
🢢 Mafell SG500
Requirements for the devices:
- Minimum slot depth 460mm
- Loan period: From now on for approx. 60 slots - of course against payment! ️💰
Please support us and diligently share this post - THANK YOU ❤️
If you know someone who knows someone, please contact us at any time on 06058-91638470 or by email ️ ️⌨️
The natural materials that were built into obstacles are reminiscent of that Gut Hühnerhof and its individual trades.⚒🐓
Original, down-to-earth and of course made in our estate carpentry 😍🪚
In addition to these small details you will find a miniatureGut Hühnerhof made of wood, a small chicken coop 🐓and also a water hazard that really challenges you. 💦🏌🏼‍♂️
At the same time there are many other lovingly designed little things to discover and with a cold drink you can also enjoy the hot weather under our sun sails. (I.e.☀️
Have you already visited our adventure golf course?
Tell us - what is your favorite train? ❤️⛳️
By the way: You are also welcome to visit the evening during the opening hours of the Heckers restaurant there pick up rackets and balls and get started 😍
We open our adventure golf course from SUNDAY! 😍
The Main-Kinzig district is expected to reach level 1 from Sunday, i.e. have been below the incidence value of 100 for five days in a row. 💯👍🏼
That means from Sunday our adventurers can start again and play on our place. ⛳️👨👩👦
For now, the square is open from 09 a.m. to 00 p.m. (I.e.
Psst 🤫 Our mini golf course is also allowed to reopen. 💚
Please note that despite everything the contact restrictions apply, we have to record your data and of course the distance between the individual groups has to be maintained. ☝🏼
After such a long time, we are so incredibly looking forward to seeing you and we wish you a lot of fun 😍❤️
We receive calls from you every day as to whether our adventure and mini golf course are open.
As much as we would like to make this leisure activity possible for you, unfortunately this is not yet permitted. ❌????
We will of course let you know as soon as we are allowed to open. In addition, the current status can be called up at any time via our website. 💻(I.e.
We hope to see you again soon and until then we wish you all the best! ❤
Ps: If you are still looking for a leisure activity, you can stop by our driving range at any time and try a few tees. 🏌🏻‍♂️

A few cloudy days are behind us and today the sun is smiling again. She has already announced this double rainbow to us. Don't let the shorter days and the autumn weather spoil your mood. Enjoy today's sunbeams and recharge your batteries for the next week! ☀️??