The first heralds of spring have arrived here. Can you already see the first busy insects?
Doesn't that break your heart 💛 on?
From now on we are the official home club of the golf department of Eintracht Frankfurt eV 🎉(I.e.
The golf park Gut Hühnerhof is the home for the new golfers from Eintracht Frankfurt ⛳️
We are very pleased and honored to be the selected golf club! 💚
We are all the more looking forward to the first Eintracht players on our golf course and are already in the exciting planning of joint tournaments and events. 🏌🏻🤩
Are you as excited as we are?
📷 Eintracht Frankfurt eV
We are really looking forward to seeing you all again little by little and starting the season! 😍
🪪 ID cards and Bagtag pendants 🌈 can be obtained from the 18-hole golf secretariat and can then start the round well-equipped. ⛳️
And we were also allowed to say something about sustainability ☺️
Take a look for yourself:
We are very happy to welcome Nicole in our stable🥳 and wish her lots of fun with this flock of chickens ????
To a good cooperation ????
But there is still a place in our nest 🪹
Anyone interested is welcome to contact Myriam Hecker at 0173-6623400.
That's why our Norbert has now installed a water saver in our bathrooms.💦
Then we wish our guests a pleasant shower experience (I.e. combined with a good feeling ☺️ part on sustainability ???????? to have to contribute. 👍
And didn't have much to do. pock pock.
I once laid an egg. 🥚
And sometimes two on Sundays. 🥚🥚
pock pock.
Two eggs 🥚🥚 our chickens can 🐓 don't lay eggs, but one egg a day is so tasty (I.e. that you don't want to eat anything else.😋
You can buy the eggs at our hotel reception, the 9 or 18 hole golf course.
Enjoy the meal! (I.e.🥚🐓
Would you like to work with people and ideally already have experience in a hotel?👍
Phone 📞, emails  📧 and another check in, the guests for breakfast (I.e.(I.e. do something good or make the conference guests happy ☺️– with us it is sometimes like in the chicken coop. 🐓🐓🐓
part time? full time? We are flexible and make it fit. ????
So, ready for a new nest? 🪹
Then just get in touch with Myriam Hecker 📞0173 6623400.
We look forward to you 🐓!
your flock of chickens
Next 🇧🇷 Years ago, Sibylle started out as an all-rounder in service☕️, the reception 📞🖥️ and the conference support.
In these 4️⃣ Over the years she has acquired a lot of know-how in order to pass on the knowledge to the conference bookers for almost a year now.
She knows every corner of the house 🐓🏡 and the individual conference rooms so well from the other perspective that she can look after and advise perfectly ????
We thank 😊 you, dear Sibylle, for your faithfulness, loyalty and cohesion 🤝 in the last five years and look forward to many more with you! 🥳
one of the factors why guests feel comfortable with us. 😊
And in order to be able to guarantee hygiene as well, all pillows and blankets are professionally cleaned regularly. 🧺💦🫧
A big THANK YOU 🙏 🤩 at this point to our long-term, regional partner, the family business Laundry + cleaning SCHULZ for the professional support!☺️