The schedule of the AK30 is tight. After the opening match in Gudensberg on April 29th, the home game took place on May 20th at the Hühnerhof instead of. With the best golfing weather, the team had a good day, but was at a disadvantage against the even stronger team from Gudensberg. Even though the team was supported by caddies and pre-caddies from the AK50, the guests from northern Hesse had to go first.

With a good 2nd place, it went to Weilrod on June 17th, where the 2nd place was only just missed due to the challenging course conditions. With the same score with Gudensberg, the better result decided in favor of the team from North Hesse. In this case, Weilrod was the undisputed winner of the home game. Even if promotion is no longer possible as a result, it is important to secure yourself from the bottom with a good performance at the Oberhessisches Golfclub in Marburg next weekend and end the season with a secure place in midfield.

On the past weekends, the 3 teams of the golf park started Gut Hühnerhof into the 2023 league season. The AK30 started on April 29th, after last year's promotion to the 7th Hessenliga North, they had to play an away event in Gudensberg. Due to the long journey, the team set off on Friday to play a practice round, get to know the course and then sit together a little comfortably.

Luckily, despite forecasts to the contrary, it stayed dry. The 9-hole course is short but not too easy and requires precise play. When the home team won, the AK30 took a good 3rd place. There was a premiere: For the first time, the team competed with "pure" AK30 players consisting of Jonas Rövenich, Lars Urban, Oliver Mootz, Damir Hundur, Dominik König and Klaus Heilmann. She was greatly supported by 3 AK50 caddies. Unfortunately, team captain Christian Mommsen was absent due to injury.

Below is the team photo

On May 6th, the two teams of the AK50 were also challenged, with a home game on the Hühnerhof allowed to start the season. Very good results were achieved with wonderful golfing weather and the excellently prepared course. The first team started with Drazen Curmann, Michél Hofmann, Peter Hofmann, Andreas Göbig, Horst Geiger and Helmut Röse and was able to achieve a clear victory with 1 gross points. Below is a team photo together with substitute player Werner Oschütz

The 2nd team consisting of Roberto Schon, Andreas Klinder, Lars Körber, Hans-Dieter Kilb, Thomas Damm and Klaus Stephan, despite a good score of 88 gross points, only had to admit defeat to the team from the GLC Kronberg II and thus finished one good 2nd place. Unfortunately, a picture of the team has to be submitted later for the next matchday.

After the rounds, Anton Mulijon was always ready to receive the scorecards and to evaluate the rounds as quickly as possible. The award ceremony then took place over a joint meal in the presence of President Michael Hecker.

Of particular note here is the great support from AK30 players, who kept an eye out for stray balls at the neuralgic points of the course in order to make it easier to find them again. This was also very appreciated by the players of all other teams.

The good old tradition in the Franziskuskapelle was well attended again this year.
Kaplan Scheffler commemorated Maria in his devotions and this time was supported by some of the children of our family ☺️
Musically, the Büdinger Stubenmusi and the Niedergründau wind quartet gave their best. (I.e.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved and we look forward to seeing you next year ☺️
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On Sunday, May 7th, 2023 it's that time again.😊
Our annual May devotional takes place at 18 p.m. in our St. Francis Chapel.
Kaplan Kai Scheffler is accompanied musically by Dr. Christoph Kober and his Büdinger Stubenmusi ???? and the Niedergründau wind quartet.(I.e.(I.e.
We look forward to many guests and nice weather ☺️☀️

From 14th to 16th April took place on the golf course of the Gut Hühnerhof men's team pre-season. Despite the mostly suboptimal weather, to put it mildly, the golfers present took part in the various practice sessions with great enthusiasm.

The kick-off was a so-called tucker test on Friday in glorious sunshine, in which the strengths and weaknesses in different areas of the game (especially putt, chip, bunker) are determined. This formed the basis for the further training units. The conclusion was a cozy get-together with a barbecue.

On Saturday and Sunday the golfers divided into groups. One group completed the 18-hole course with special tasks, the other group worked on the potential identified in the Tucker test under the expert guidance of pros Markus Münch and Jan-Niklas Keller. After lunch together, the roles and tasks changed.

Saturday ended with a team meeting dealing with the organization of the league games and the rule changes for the 2023 season. At the end there was a rules quiz.

Sunday morning was again characterized by practice sessions and in the afternoon the 2nd trophy was played on the 18-hole course, an internal team competition. The winner was Thomas Damm, a new addition to the team, who fitted in perfectly, followed by Peter Hofmann and Jonas Rövenich, who had the same stroke. Below is the winning photo.

Finally, a big thank you to Klaus Heilmann, captain and organizer of the event, and the two pros Markus and Jan-Niklas, who created a great atmosphere on the weekend with valuable tips and a lot of humor.

On April 28, the AK30 will start the league season in Gudensberg and hopefully can use the knowledge they have gained there.

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With the first cannon start of the year we started the golf season last Saturday 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ started. ⛳️
In the best spring weather, 64 golfers started. ☀️🏌🏻‍♀️
In addition to our members and guests, we are particularly pleased that almost 30 Eintrachtlers were there for the very first time.
"Get together - Welcome Eintracht Frankfurt Golf" was the motto and we think it was a perfect fit! 🙏🏼????
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Incentive to look at the world from a different perspective.
On our beautiful estate 🐓🐓🐓 Hof and the entire area you can discover right now how nature is reawakening ????
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