Gut Hühnerhof Apples not only taste great on their own, but also as juice 🧃or muffins 🥮
And so we have the apples 🍎 ???? collected and then taken to the press together with the children and pressed the juice. That was a fun ☺️
Now our conference participants can enjoy the juice during the coffee break and today Katharina baked a couple of apple muffins.
Mmmmmm, delicious 😋
Pecking, scratching, bathing.
Our chickens have now moved for the fourth time. Now they live in our orchard.🍎
There is a lot to discover!
They are doing really well here 😊
You can taste that in the eggs🥚(I.e.
Try it yourself.
Our eggs are available at the hotel reception and in the Golf park Gut Hühnerhof available at the 18-hole course.
Despite the drizzle, 70 players started as pairs in the Chapman foursome over 18 holes.
Team spirit and fighting spirit very close together again.????(I.e.
Aaand... as a culinary highlight, the delicious kettle meat was simmered for hours over the open fire, as it is every year.🔥 #tradition
The Hecker family invited you to dinner together and we are delighted that so many of you enjoyed the beautiful evening with us. (I.e.🍻
Benedikt Reimer and Jan Felix Müller culminated in defending their title from last year – congratulations to you two! 🏆🥳
We have always proven that we are there for each other and always help each other in everyday hotel life. 👭
But the experience in the Spessart/Heigenbrücken climbing forest showed us what real team spirit means. 💪
Creating it in a team that colleagues surpass themselves, overcome fears and reach the goal together, that means TEAM. ????
To then review what you have experienced in the "Altes Forsthaus Heigenbrücken" and to be proud of each individual, that also brings a lot of joy at the end of the day.
Thanks to a great TEAM. With you we can do anything. 💪🥇????
Today our carpenter brought 🪚 Stefan us a wooden disc 🪵 and said it wasn't just a piece of wood.
We also see more in it. 😅
What do you see? ???? Let us know ☺️
Become a new member and the same 3️⃣ secure free months! 🤩????
As? Very easily:
Sign up for a membership from January 01st and start playing green fee-free as part of your membership. ⛳️🏌🏻‍♀️
Psst 🤫 This offer includes not only the 9- or 27-hole full membership but also our start-up membership. ????
For more details, please contact us! ☺️
Not sure if the right membership is for you? 🤔️️
Feel free to email us with your questions or call us at 06058-91638470. ️ ️📧
So many of you ask for old pictures of ours Gut Hühnerhof☺️
Here are a few nostalgic impressions.
The pictures were taken in 1984.
The first priority was to preserve the buildings: roofs had to be re-covered and the existing building protected from collapsing.
One part was later used as a granary, hence its current name, while the other part became our workshop.
And what happened next, you can see in the last picture.
Today's reception, café, breakfast room and in another wing our granary conference room and part of the rooms.
Take a look for yourself!
Contrary to what the grandiose sunset would suggest, our players got pretty wet in the meantime. Thank you for playing so bravely despite the weather! 💦(I.e.
❤️- Congratulations to our winners.🏌🏻‍♀️🏌🏼
Thanks to that Heckers restaurant for delicious knuckles, cool beer and a great atmosphere at the Oktoberfest afterwards. 🍺(I.e.
We are already looking forward to the next tournament with you. 😍
➡️ Already signed up for the President's Award?
No motto could describe the TOP250 conference hotel family better. At least that's what we thought. At the latest since last weekend, however, it has been clear "Hot el Yeah! No job in the world is awesome!” clearly competes with the motto mentioned first.
Especially when a member of our troupe turns it into an absolute catchy tune and performs it live.
The Arcadeon HWW GmbH in Hagen was the scene of a celebration that will go down in the long history of the Top250Conference Hotels project. Great rooms, excellent food, delicious drinks and a relaxed atmosphere until late at night. Yes, we hoteliers not only organize legendary celebrations, we also like to celebrate really well ourselves! And finally it's possible again. A lightness that we have been missing for so long. The rules that have accompanied us like a dark shadow over the past two years seem almost forgotten. On the weekend of the gala everything was real, eventful and all the more heartfelt.
This was not least due to the type of event: presence is so important! TOGETHER it was just a little more carefree in the turbulent and depressing time.
And that's exactly what we celebrated: TOGETHER and FORONETH - an evening full of winners with top rankings in various categories.
Above all, we would like to thank our employees.
We feel very clearly that the next generation is not long in coming. She is already in the starting blocks. Fighting spirit, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, inventiveness, cordiality - you embody all of this and are therefore our most valuable asset!
Every placement is a recognition of your daily work and also shows the trust of our guests. We may not be able to fundamentally change the world, but we can always make the moments given to us more beautiful.
With this in mind: Thanks to all friends, guests, colleagues as well as to the project of the top conference hotels, the many partners and suppliers! Let's keep warming hearts.
To friendship, to togetherness!
PS: "Hot el Yeah! There's no job in the world that's awesome!” – T-shirts and mugs are already being printed.
PPS: just to name a few:
And not only for the students but also for us as a company. (I.e.
We can bring our great job closer to you in a short time and you have the opportunity to get an insight into both the job and the individual companies.
Our Finja is a very happy example ☺️ that an internship can be a lot of fun 🥳 and we were able to gain a great new team member during this time! 💪
Finja had so much fun that she will support us on the weekends in the future.
We are very happy to welcome you as our new team reinforcer. ☺️
Thank you for your two weeks of support and the joy you gave us. 🤩
You are our future ????