We wish you all a sunny weekend ☺️

Self-made. At least almost.☺️
Our eggs have made their way to the Lück family in Sommerkahl 🚙 and became delicious there 😋 processed egg noodles.
And you can now get these egg noodles at our hotel reception and at the 18-hole golf course ⛳️ buy for 4 euros.
Three varieties are available:
Sputnik, Spirelli and tagliatelle.
Enjoy the meal☺️😋🥚(I.e.
Very regional, in a small family business from our delicious Gut Hühnerhof made from eggs. 🥚(I.e.
It's best to strike now - only while stocks last.????
That's what Alexander, our school intern for the next three weeks, said after the first few hours with us🤩
But he still hasn't seen everything by then😏
Welcome to the chickens dear Alexander. We look forward to three great weeks with you, in which we will show you the whole variety of the hotel industry ☺️
And who knows, maybe you will decide to do an apprenticeship in the hotel industry afterwards?
In any case, we wish you a lot of fun with it 🤩
On March 18th at 19:00 p.m. we welcome you to the clubhouse ????
We are looking forward to a lively exchange with you - your wishes, criticism and suggestions. 📝
You can also expect more information about this year's planning for the golf park. ⛳️🏌🏻
We look forward to your applications
➡️ by phone, email or in person on site ⛳️
That's the wish of a conference group in our house.
Of course, we can't refuse such a request, so we did a little shopping☺️
Now you can play again as you please.🥳
And which game shouldn't be missing?😜
Sure, one with chickens!🐓
Have fun🥳
Our new egg boxes 🐓🥚🥚 are here!
Natural, biocircular and 100% CO2 neutral.
You can now purchase them at reception for 9 euros.
More for the environment ☺️
The first heralds of spring have arrived here. Can you already see the first busy insects?
Doesn't that break your heart 💛 on?
From now on we are the official home club of the golf department of Eintracht Frankfurt eV 🎉(I.e.
The golf park Gut Hühnerhof is the home for the new golfers from Eintracht Frankfurt ⛳️
We are very pleased and honored to be the selected golf club! 💚
We are all the more looking forward to the first Eintracht players on our golf course and are already in the exciting planning of joint tournaments and events. 🏌🏻🤩
Are you as excited as we are?
📷 Eintracht Frankfurt eV
We are really looking forward to seeing you all again little by little and starting the season! 😍
🪪 ID cards and Bagtag pendants 🌈 can be obtained from the 18-hole golf secretariat and can then start the round well-equipped. ⛳️