We simply combine the two and look forward to our OKTOBERFEST TOURNAMENT 2022! 😍 (I.e. 🍻
What are you expecting?
🍺 02. October
🍺 Cannon launch at 12:00 p.m
🍺 Texas Scramble - you play as a team of four
🍺 Delicious Bavarian Halfway
🍺 Best conclusion at the Heckers Oktoberfest after the award ceremony with delicious knuckle and 0,3l Tegernsee included. (I.e. (I.e.
️️ As a tournament player, you do not pay any additional admission to the Oktoberfest - everything is already included in the entry fee! 💙🤍
Pack it up! Register now via PC Caddy or call 06058-91638470 ️ ️🍻🎉
Fresh daily at our golf reception and in the hotel Gut Hühnerhof to buy and choose for yourself.
From the chicken straight to you.❤️
1 egg ➡️ €0,40
6 eggs ➡️ €2,40
10 eggs ➡️ €4,00
Come by and get the fresh ones Gut Hühnerhof eggs off! 🥚(I.e.
As the crowning glory of the 2022 club championships, we were able to choose our rookie club champions at the weekend. 😍
Our dear members with a handicap over 36 were allowed to compete with each other in a net ranking. 🏌🏻‍♀️🏌🏻
Thank you very much for your participation and the great atmosphere throughout the weekend - it was a pleasure for us! (I.e.
Congratulations to our two winners, Sebastian Reiss and Sabine Schröder!! (I.e.🎉
A very special thank you goes to the golf school team Thomas Welte, Markus Münch and Jan Niclas Keller for accompanying our rookies and supporting them in the preparation and implementation of the tournament. ⛳️❤️
Maybe you've already spotted them: our chickens are loose. 😍
More than 300 chickens are now roaming the rough on the 18-hole course and are curiously exploring the golf course. (I.e.⛳️
They are busy laying eggs 🥚, which you can now also buy directly at our golf reception on the 18-hole course - it couldn't be fresher. (I.e.🐓
We look forward to seeing you! ❤️
The third game of the tournament series was once again characterized by the good mood of our dear tournament participants, which even a little shower couldn't spoil in between.🌦
With great results, we were not only able to congratulate the winners of the last tournament, but also the club winner of the Eclectic sub-rating. 🏆🥇
Our dear member Sabine Gollan was happy about the fantastic price – two nights in one of the JAB Anstoetz partner hotels! 😍
Congratulations dear Sabine!! 🎉(I.e.
A big thank you goes out Decoration studio Schwab for the great support and commitment to our golfers! (I.e.❤️
With numerous products from our own company and the obligatory certificate, we were finally able to celebrate our winners on Sunday afternoon. (I.e.🥳
Thank you for your participation and congratulations to our winners! 💚🥇
We look forward to our upcoming club championship with YOU. 🏆????
Use the last chance to register and be part of our tournament for this year's championship title. 💪🏼
Until tomorrow morning we are extending the registration period for those who decide on the spur of the moment! 🎉
Haven't been in golf that long? If your handicap is still over 36, we look forward to your participation in the first ROOKIE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP. 🏌🏻‍♀️🏌🏼‍♂️
Next weekend (27th & 28th August) this will take place on our 9-hole course and we are very happy about every participation! ⛳️ (I.e.
On Friday from 17 p.m. you can start your tournament career among other rookies. ⛳️????
Without pressure to perform, but in a real tournament atmosphere, you start in the form of a Texas Scramble. 🏌🏽
rules questions? No problem - our golf school team is at your side. 💪🏼
Here is our tender:
The golf course is emptier today than it has been in a long time and we can understand it! ☀️🔥
Take good care of yourself in the hot weather, protect yourself from the sun 🧢 , drink enough and stop by our Kneipp facility to cool down. 💦🆒
Your participation in this year's Summernight tournament was a great pleasure for us, not least because of the matching flight shirts, floral outfits and grandiose cart decorations! 😍????
What do you think of the outfits of our dear golfers? 🏌🏻‍♀️🏌🏼
Topped off a great evening with you with a delicious Hawaiian buffet, there was a fitting conclusion on the gravel terrace of the Heckers restaurants.
We hope you enjoyed it, congratulate all winners and say MAHALO ❤️