Maybe you've already spotted them: our chickens are loose. 😍
More than 300 chickens are now roaming the rough on the 18-hole course and are curiously exploring the golf course. (I.e.⛳️
They are busy laying eggs 🥚, which you can now also buy directly at our golf reception on the 18-hole course - it couldn't be fresher. (I.e.🐓
We look forward to seeing you! ❤️
The third game of the tournament series was once again characterized by the good mood of our dear tournament participants, which even a little shower couldn't spoil in between.🌦
With great results, we were not only able to congratulate the winners of the last tournament, but also the club winner of the Eclectic sub-rating. 🏆🥇
Our dear member Sabine Gollan was happy about the fantastic price – two nights in one of the JAB Anstoetz partner hotels! 😍
Congratulations dear Sabine!! 🎉(I.e.
A big thank you goes out Decoration studio Schwab for the great support and commitment to our golfers! (I.e.❤️
With numerous products from our own company and the obligatory certificate, we were finally able to celebrate our winners on Sunday afternoon. (I.e.🥳
Thank you for your participation and congratulations to our winners! 💚🥇
We look forward to our upcoming club championship with YOU. 🏆????
Use the last chance to register and be part of our tournament for this year's championship title. 💪🏼
Until tomorrow morning we are extending the registration period for those who decide on the spur of the moment! 🎉
Haven't been in golf that long? If your handicap is still over 36, we look forward to your participation in the first ROOKIE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP. 🏌🏻‍♀️🏌🏼‍♂️
Next weekend (27th & 28th August) this will take place on our 9-hole course and we are very happy about every participation! ⛳️ (I.e.
On Friday from 17 p.m. you can start your tournament career among other rookies. ⛳️????
Without pressure to perform, but in a real tournament atmosphere, you start in the form of a Texas Scramble. 🏌🏽
rules questions? No problem - our golf school team is at your side. 💪🏼
Here is our tender:
The golf course is emptier today than it has been in a long time and we can understand it! ☀️🔥
Take good care of yourself in the hot weather, protect yourself from the sun 🧢 , drink enough and stop by our Kneipp facility to cool down. 💦🆒
Your participation in this year's Summernight tournament was a great pleasure for us, not least because of the matching flight shirts, floral outfits and grandiose cart decorations! 😍????
What do you think of the outfits of our dear golfers? 🏌🏻‍♀️🏌🏼
Topped off a great evening with you with a delicious Hawaiian buffet, there was a fitting conclusion on the gravel terrace of the Heckers restaurants.
We hope you enjoyed it, congratulate all winners and say MAHALO ❤️
That's definitely how we feel with our adventure golf course from above. 🔝????
Can you discover your favorite train? ⛳️
Our summer night tournament on July 15th is all under the motto "Hawaii" and we bring the holiday feeling to us on the golf course! 🏝☀️
Unpack the Hawaiian shirts, raffia skirts, coconut bras and flower necklaces, register yourself and your favorite flight partners and spend a wonderful summer evening with us with a BBQ buffet (I.e.(I.e.and cool drinks 🍻(I.e.on our gravel terrace. ????🌺
The team from the Heckers restaurant and we look forward to seeing you! 😍
Also non-golfing escorts are ❤️-Welcome ????
Or what do you mean? 😍
Do you want to hit the ground running, are you motivated and want to get onto the green as quickly as possible? ⛳️
➡️ Then take a look at our holiday handicap course. In 14 hours on four days you will get the necessary theoretical📝as well as practical 🏌🏻‍♀️🏌🏻Knowledge for your DGV PLATZREIFE.
For our course from 25.-28. There are still a few spots left in July. What are you waiting for? 😍
A small highlight for parents: At the same time, you have the opportunity to register your children at our children's and youth holiday camp. 🇧🇷
Golf for the whole family 💚