Here is the report from the GNZ and many other impressions:

Transparency as a matter of the heart

Spring festival and open doors in the Gut Hühnerhof

Cheers to a successful event: That Gut Hühnerhof celebrated a colorful spring festival and allowed a look behind the scenes of the wide range of products.

The little ones could also make their own instruments there in the form of rattles from crown corks and guitars with pizza boxes. The children were also offered a lot outdoors. For example, they could test their skills in the BewegungsGut Hühnerhof, the mini golf and a golf trial on the driving range of the 9-hole course or simply let off steam on the XXL bouncy castle.

The artist from the entertainment agency Andersland provided a special highlight among the adults. In addition to the wild bull with his red eyes, who regularly threw his riders in the air in a high arc, he made a very entertaining program with a lot of humor, which quickly became the center of attention. The visitors lingered a little longer in the shade of the inner courtyard of the historic estate to watch the goings-on.

The head of the family that runs the hotel, the golf park and the Heckers restaurant, Walter Hecker, emphasized in advance that for him and the two tenants of the BewegungsGuts family Frech and the Gutsschänke Stefan Schwedt, in addition to the numerous entertainment offers, opening all doors was an affair of the heart. Because where else do you get the opportunity to take a look into the hotel room yourself without obligation? He was repeatedly approached by guests who just wanted to take a look to see the quality and the warm atmosphere for themselves.

Many visitors gladly accepted this offer this weekend and wandered through the large building complex. Cool drinks and the wonderful rays of the sun did the rest, so that all visitors could enjoy their trip and stay.

Over 100 guests accepted the invitation of the Gut Hühnerhofs, the support association of the buntspechte eV and the Musikverein Königshofen eV, to enjoy the concert in the threshing floor this Sunday.
More than 50 musicians played the threshing floor and made the audience bob up and down.
Many thanks to Harald Krebs and all musicians for this great concert.
We wish the musicians every success in their competition on February 17th in Prague!


Musikverein Königshofen plays a benefit concert in Gut Hühnerhof

Benefit concert on Gut Hühnerhof: In favor of the Buntspechte day care center.

On February 4th at 16.30 p.m. the Musikverein Königshofen will play in the Tenne des Gut Hühnerhof and gives the best titles from musicals, marches & Co. to the best. Incidentally, the musical evening takes place for the benefit of a good cause: The proceeds go to the sponsoring association of the buntspechte.

The great spotted woodpeckers and the sponsors Gut Hühnerhof, Musikverein Königshofen and offset Büttner are looking forward to a great evening full of music!

Admission: € 7 (advance sales) and € 9 (box office)

Advance booking offices:

Day care center “die buntspechte”, Tel .: 0 60 58/60 14
Hotel reception Gut Hühnerhof, Tel .: 0 60 58/91 63 84 0
Musikverein Königshofen, Tel .: 0 60 29/72 55


Hühnerhof goes green - Donation goes to the support association die buntspechte

Our door signs in the hotel Gut Hühnerhof help to do something good ...

... you ask yourself "How"?

We explain our "Green Housekeeping" on our door tags: Those who do without room cleaning for one or more days during their stay of several days help us to reduce our CO₂ footprint - and for this we donate € 1 per day to a non-profit organization in the Region. All our guests have to do is to hang the door sign with the request “Please no room cleaning” on the outside of the room door and our cleaning pearls will know.

Thanks to many environmentally conscious hotel guests, a three-digit sum accumulated last year that was donated yesterday. At the board meeting of the support association die buntspechte eV, Myriam Hecker from the hotel management presented the 1st chairman Jörn Houben with a donation of 306 €. This amount helps to realize future projects of the Gründauer Kita and we are looking forward to many environmentally conscious hotel guests who will help again in 2018 to do something good!

Lucky shamrock

We wish everyone a happy new year and a wonderful 2018 full of happiness and satisfaction!

Your team from Gut Hühnerhof

Our now traditional Martinsgan tournament took place last Saturday. Despite the bad weather forecast, 18 golfers took part. The game was played in the mode of a four-player selection drive in which the participants started in teams of two. After playing 18 holes, the players met in the large event room of the "Heckers - Restaurant, Café, Bar". There were other guests as well as the Hecker family. Together, the participants enjoyed the served goose legs with potato dumplings and red cabbage. Walter Hecker, the president of the golf park Gut Hühnerhof and head of the family, greeted all those present warmly and referred in his address once again to the importance of the contemplative season, which is now just around the corner. Corresponding to the St. Martin's parades, which took place at the same time in the community of Gründau, he also briefly outlined the story of the merciful man who shared his coat. Michael Hecker then greeted everyone again and thanked them for the fact that the tournament could take place at all. Anton Mulijon then led through the award ceremony.

Third place went to Enrique Canete-Sanchez and Oleg Laguzov with 38 net points. Marian Botor and Oliver Stoffel achieved second place with equal points. The Spindlers won the victory and the associated vouchers for another goose meal with 39 net points. After the award ceremony, those present lingered a moment and finally decapitated the red wine bottles they had won.

Golf course at the Heckers

We keep growing!

Our accounting department is urgently looking for reinforcements. If you go for the golf park Gut Hühnerhof work and would like to have a job in the middle of nature (in our beautiful Heckers restaurant), then apply to us:

Autumn break golf camp golf park Gut Hühnerhof

The Autumn vacation camp left smiling winners and loads of happy faces! We congratulate the young golfers and are already looking forward to the next holiday camp in spring!

Registration and information directly from Fabian Ochse, at: +49 (0) 151 267 13 52 1


After five days and 29 teaching units with Markus Münch, this year is now also drawing to a close Autumn vacation camp to the end. The golf camp for the little ones reached its climax with an award ceremony and award ceremony on Saturday. After a week of fun and games on the Hecker's 18-hole golf course with catering from the restaurant, one or the other is already looking forward to the next camp in spring.
In case you missed the autumn holiday camp, we have good news: our next golf camp will take place during the Easter holidays. Register your young golfer directly with Fabian Ochse on: +49 (0) 151 267 13 52 1

On the day of German unity and the last day of the Munich Oktoberfest, a total of 53 tournament participants went to the Oktoberfest tournament at the Golfpark Gut Hühnerhof at the start. After it had rained heavily the night before, it was not sure in the early morning whether the course could even be set up for a tournament that was effective. But since it remained largely dry, nothing stood in the way of the cannon launch at 12.00 noon. Tobias Hecker and Anton Mulijon officially opened the tournament in a joint speech before the participants distributed themselves to the tees on the different fairways. At the halfway there was warming pumpkin soup, chili peppers and pretzels. When they arrived at the clubhouse, the players handed in their score cards to the secretariat and were then greeted with an original Löwenbräu Oktoberfest beer in a stein in the Heckers restaurant, café and bar. After the arrival of all players, the buffet was opened in the blue and white festively decorated room, which included mini knuckles with dumplings and cabbage as well as dumplings with creamy mushroom sauce and coleslaw. After eating together, the winners of the tournament were honored. In the 3rd net class (handicap 21,1 - 54) Philipp Gattermann won with 47 points, followed by Frank Odenahl with 45 and Geesche Hausch with 40 points. The 2nd net class (HCP 14,1 - 21,0) was led by Elke Puppel-Leussler with 39 points. This was followed by Thomas Flauss in 2nd and Thomas Damm in 3rd place with 38 points each. A guest player from the GC Bad Orb Jürgen Roessler secured victory in the 1st net class (HCP 0,0 - 14,0). Ronald Zink landed tied for second place with 36 points, followed by Klaus Stephan with 2 points. Third place in the gross was achieved by Oliver Schäfer of GC Winnerod with 34 points. Roberto Already scored 3 gross points and thus landed on the 22nd place. Sander Knauer secured the overall victory with 23 gross points. After the award ceremony, another round of Oktoberfest beer was distributed to all those present on the occasion of the addition of the Hecker family, and a group selfie was sent to the new parents.