The good old tradition in the Franziskuskapelle was well attended again this year.
Kaplan Scheffler commemorated Maria in his devotions and this time was supported by some of the children of our family ☺️
Musically, the Büdinger Stubenmusi and the Niedergründau wind quartet gave their best. (I.e.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved and we look forward to seeing you next year ☺️
Then surprise your participants with a small gift: the fresh "Gut Hühnerhof-Eggs" from our free range happy chickens. 🐓
Small gesture - big effect. 💫
And this is how it works: We put the eggs with a small card with your desired text on the spot in the conference room or even better - as a surprise in the room. This will definitely leave you with fond memories! 🌟🥚🥚
On Sunday, May 7th, 2023 it's that time again.😊
Our annual May devotional takes place at 18 p.m. in our St. Francis Chapel.
Kaplan Kai Scheffler is accompanied musically by Dr. Christoph Kober and his Büdinger Stubenmusi ???? and the Niedergründau wind quartet.(I.e.(I.e.
We look forward to many guests and nice weather ☺️☀️
We can ????👭👭 make
➡️ caretaker 🤜🤛
➡️ Doer 💪
➡️ listeners 👂
➡️ team Player 🤝
and all with heart 🫶
Does that feel good to you? 😊 and you want to bring new momentum into your life?
Then you are 🫵 right with us 👍.
Get in touch personally on the phone in the easiest way for you 📞 to find out more about what exactly is involved (0173-6623400) or by email 📧 um
to send your short application (
Full-time or part-time? We'll find a way together 😊
We look forward to meeting you 🫵
Incentive to look at the world from a different perspective.
On our beautiful estate 🐓🐓🐓 Hof and the entire area you can discover right now how nature is reawakening ????
Look closely and look forward to fragrant trees and flowers, swallows 🐦‍⬛, their nests  🪹 relate or bumblebees and bees ????that enrich our lives! 
Dye the eggs naturally ☺️
It's more work, but it is 💯% Nature!
These turned out so wonderful with onion skins 🤩
That's how it works:
Cook a broth with onion skins, boil every day for three days and add a dash of vinegar.
Then the eggs with calf's cabbage ???? wrap them around, so they get the great pattern, put them in tights and put them in the brew.
Then let go.
And that's the result 😍
Many thanks to Hacky for this particularly sustainable tip on how to make our delicious eggs 🥚 especially colorful at Easter ????
Now that the second chicken mobile has arrived, the two are more with their "girls", that's how the chickens will be 🐓🐓🐓🐓 affectionately called by them when at their girls' house 🏠 🙈
But look how much fun they are having 🤩
And so do the eggs 🥚 our hardworking girls 🐓
You can still get these from us at the hotel reception or from our colleagues in the Golf park or by Heckers magazine.
We look forward to you 🤩
With much love ❤️ and hand-dyed eggs 🥚 You can now purchase chickens from our chicken mobile at our hotel reception.
Of course, they also exist with the colleagues in the Heckers - restaurant, café, bar and at Golf park Gut Hühnerhof🤩
Enjoy the meal 😋
And remember, only while stocks last ☺️
A few tangerines (I.e. too much and what do we want to do with it? 🧐
Ey, we'll just make jam out of it, was Nicole's spontaneous answer. 🥳
Said and done ☺️
From now on the homemade jam is on our breakfast buffet and can be feasted on by our guests😋
Who knows what else you'll come across throughout the year 😏
Enjoy the meal 😋
The chickens🐓 have a wish...
and our Rüdiger will then start implementing it straight away 🤩
And finally, our carpenter Stefan lends a hand ☺️
What will it be? Will not be revealed yet😅 but we are really looking forward to it 🤩