And not only for the students but also for us as a company. (I.e.
We can bring our great job closer to you in a short time and you have the opportunity to get an insight into both the job and the individual companies.
Our Finja is a very happy example ☺️ that an internship can be a lot of fun 🥳 and we were able to gain a great new team member during this time! 💪
Finja had so much fun that she will support us on the weekends in the future.
We are very happy to welcome you as our new team reinforcer. ☺️
Thank you for your two weeks of support and the joy you gave us. 🤩
You are our future ????
As in every year, our hotel was presented to the hoteliers present before the places were allocated. Uta Müller wrote our eulogy this year.
And since we found them so adorable, we don't want to withhold these from you:
It is undisputed that an undisturbed location in beautiful nature offers the best prerequisites for being a successful retreat hotel. But here, in the Hessian Main-Kinzig district, there is much more: Here you can enjoy the relaxing holiday atmosphere of an old manor that has been lovingly restored. The warm, relaxed interaction of the flock of chickens with each other and of course with the guests. You can feel the authenticity of the surroundings and the people living here everywhere, which has a beneficial effect on the mood of the conference guests. Responsible for this feeling of well-being and the inspiring learning environment is Myriam Hecker - she is the engine, creative director, manager, mother, dog lover, carnival fool and warm hostess in one person. Together with her family and her young, committed team, she works every day to ensure that the hotel Gut Hühnerhof is and remains one of the best conference hotels.
What do you think? It turned out great, didn't it?🥰
In the competition of TOP 250 Germany - The best conference hotels in Germany we were able to achieve the great 5th place in the seminar category this year! 🥳
In the exam category, we achieved the unbelievable 1st place ????
We are very proud 😊 and thank everyone who voted for us. ????
A very special thank you 🧡 but above all it goes to our unbeatable team, who do their best for our guests every day.
Thank you, you deserve the prizes! ????
The trees  become colorful ???? and the first chestnuts fall!
Did you know that the first chestnut ????, which one finds in the year, happiness 🍀 brings?
There are already plenty of chestnuts in our chestnut farm ???? and just waiting for happiness 🍀 to distribute.
Our court cat Moritz sometimes roams through the leaves ????
We have a great new partner ????found by our side, who will henceforth weep with us 🍷provided!
Reben und Rabauken is a regional start up company, which is on the flag (I.e. wrote about finding young, cool winegrowers and bringing great wines to the market with their own label.
Just try it! The new wines 🍷 is now available in our living room  (I.e. for self-service!
And whatever else we can do with the two of them….
Let yourself be surprised! 🥳
We look forward to a great cooperation 💪
We live sustainability every day. As a family business, not only the well-being of our guests and employees is very important to us, but also that of future generations.
Now we have been recognized for our actions and were able to achieve level 4 of 5 in the Green Sign audit 💪 🥳
An award combined with the promise that we will continue to develop.👍
For us, for you, for the future ☺️
We have an idea for you:
Very close to ours Gut Hühnerhof there is now the possibility to drive an e-cart. And we have put together the perfect package for you.
Interested? Just ask our conference professionals Sibylle and Melanie!
We look forward to you 😊
We warmly welcome Stephanie 🥳 and look forward to a great cooperation 💪
Stephanie is an all-rounder who uses her skills in service (I.e., the reception ️ ️ and at our meetings (I.e.will use.
We wish her a lot of fun with us chickens🐓 and the guests 😊
And maybe as a whole team?👬????👭🧑‍🤝‍🧑
At least that's what we thought and we're happy☺️to be able to offer you stand up paddling as a team event for your conferences.
Only 15 minutes drive from us ❗️
And of course we always try something out before we record it. In this case, our children were allowed to play😎
Just ask for your next conference request 🤩 we'll do the rest for you ☺️
"Work is my hobby!"
According to this motto, dear Isi has been at our side for more than eight years now.
The older the children 👦👦 were, the more hours she was able to squeeze off for her "hobby".
Isi is pure joie de vivre 😊 and from our team 🐓 no longer to think away.
During the pandemic, she took the time to get her instructor license👩🏫 with flying colours 🤩 to pass and stands by our future trainees with their endless patience.
We thank you dear Isi for YOU!