In the current issue of the magazine Inside of the Top250 conference hotels you will find a great article on page 40 about our hotel on the subject of individuality and guest communication 🗣📝.

Last year Myriam and Stephanie took part in a great seminar by Heike Heeg in our house. Read for yourself how a lot can be achieved with small changes in the way you communicate 😊💯

We let our heads smoke, thought and pondered ... 🤯

So that our conference rooms are even better by name than ours Gut Hühnerhof fit, our courtyard hall is now called granary and our baroque hall is now called haystack 💯
The next changes will follow soon in our apartments. Be curious 🙃

From now on you can get the water from the wonderful Gründautal❗ in our Hotel & Café
We have the best water quality right on our doorstep and we will use it from now on.
The table water runs through a filter, is carbonated and our own hotel is ready Gut Hühnerhof Table water 💪🏻❗

Of course you need great water, including a great bottle with our logo. For this we would like to join Günzel & Kreuzer Werbetechnik GmbH & Co. KG thank you in particular for the support 🙏.

You want what it looks like❓
No problem, of course we took pictures 📸😉

Our spring cleaning is still in full swing and we really enjoy it 💪

We'd be ready for a little more spring and then ☀️☀️☀️
You certainly do too 😎!
On top of that there was a small lesson 😊
We are so excited about our first own honey 🍯
Last week was the first training for our employees 😊
We are happy to be part of the family "Green cleaning concept" to be 💚

Big and small have helped diligently 💪????

Not only in the current situation this is an absolute added value!
Fresh air, beautiful surroundings and plenty of space offer ideal conditions for planning your conference on our spacious hotel grounds 🖊.
You like the idea 🤔❓
Then our conference office will be happy to answer your next inquiry.