MeinTophotel is looking for the coolest conference room in 2021 and we are very proud that our classroom made it into the top 8 ☺!
Now you have the choice and we would be delighted to receive your support🍀!
you can choose our classroom as the coolest conference room in 2021❗❗❗
In the current issue of Top250 Germany Inside you will find a great report about hotelier children and your voluntary help in their parents' business 👍
And who is not allowed to do that, of course
➡️ Our Katharina, of course 🤩! ️
She has been supporting us for years with her great baking skills in the café 🧁🍰
You can find the complete article at
Have a look, we are definitely very proud 🥰🤩
You already know the rules, but here's a little overview for you 😉:
- So that we can plan as best as possible, we always ask you to book a table in advance ️ ️ 06058-916 38 4 90 or by email 📧 an to reserve.
- You can register on site on the Luca app.
We are so happy to see you 🤩❗
➡️ “It feels like coming home to me now. As a coach, I feel understood and in good hands by an all-round great team. The tranquility and nature offer me a great balance to the seminars. It's in the hotel Gut Hühnerhof simply a pleasure for body and soul again and again " ⬅️
Thank you very much, Mr. Meinzer, we are happy to have been able to welcome such a nice and great trainer as a guest for several years 😊! Working together is fun 💯! ️
We wish you a wonderful start to the weekend ☀️
Do whatever is good for you & enjoy it❗
We hope you all started the new week well ⁉️
Always remember ...
➡️ With a smile and joy in your heart, everything is much easier 😉💯
➡️ The last of our three new creative rooms 💯👍🏻.
Of course, there is also a lot of love for detail in the workshop ❤.
We look forward to welcoming you to our 3 new rooms from now on and we look forward to your feedback 💯😊❗
➡️From now on you can sit comfortably outside at your conference, during the breaks or during that time ☀️.
From the granary you have direct access to our Kastanienhof👍🏻
This makes days even more fun 😎💯
➡️ May we introduce our natural space  ❗
From now on you can enjoy the beautiful green not only outside with us, but also in our natural space, for group work or smaller meetings!
We look forward to seeing you! ️
➡️ Then visit our Kneipp facility Gut Hühnerhof ☀️💦
In keeping with the hot weather, it is now open again for you 💯❗
Come by and take a dip 😎❗