And so that it also tastes good, we have Thomas and Roman with us today, who put their concentrated knowledge into our coffee machine☕️ and bring them back into shape 👍
That can only be good ☺️
Regional partners – strong cooperation 💪
Enjoy good coffee ☕️ for breakfast, a coffee break or just in between 😋
Conference participants who tell us so strikingly why they like to come to us - that's rare.
A big thank you to Klaus Burghardt and the participants of the Enviro Water Group for taking the time for us.
That makes us proud and happy 🤩
It all started when Steffi ran her own travel agency and booked conferences with us.💻
From lively nocturnal mail traffic, 🖥️when the little kids are asleep😴 , is there a better way to work 😅 became friendship and then additionally cooperation.????
Used as an all-rounder at the beginning, it quickly became clear 💡Steffi's strengths are not necessarily in the service☕️ are.
It developed more and more in the direction of reception📞⌨️, where it also has its permanent place today.
️ ️, emails, organizing, first point of contact for speakers, trainers and guests, looking after our bridal couples 🇧🇷🇧🇷 in terms of room – our elephant memory ????🧠 and organizational genius has everything under control.
Dear Steffi, we thank you for a great cooperation, your faithfulness, your loyalty, your commitment, your commitment.????🙏
Thank you for having YOU on our team.☺️
…. second try😀
More than two years ago we started a story with our hotel guests.(I.e.
A story nobody knew how it would end. Everyone was allowed to write. (I.e. Some contributed a lot, others wrote only one sentence. 🖊️ Nevertheless, it was exciting to see how the story developed through the different authors every day.
The last sentence written at the time:
... should find the origin of the corona virus to save the world.
Today we dare a second attempt. 💪 The book ???? is out and you are all cordially invited to make your contribution to one day being able to read a great story with a wide variety of authors.
Who dares to start?
Those are always the first words when our Nicole in the evening (I.e. comes to the hotel.
And then she starts:
Refreshing or remodeling conference rooms as well as any work in the preparatory kitchen.
With all her girl power 💪 Nicole strengthens our team. ????
Because only with each and every one of you we are a strong team 👍
Thank you for your support dear Nicole ☺️
Gut Hühnerhof Apples not only taste great on their own, but also as juice 🧃or muffins 🥮
And so we have the apples 🍎 ???? collected and then taken to the press together with the children and pressed the juice. That was a fun ☺️
Now our conference participants can enjoy the juice during the coffee break and today Katharina baked a couple of apple muffins.
Mmmmmm, delicious 😋
Pecking, scratching, bathing.
Our chickens have now moved for the fourth time. Now they live in our orchard.🍎
There is a lot to discover!
They are doing really well here 😊
You can taste that in the eggs🥚(I.e.
Try it yourself.
Our eggs are available at the hotel reception and in the Golf park Gut Hühnerhof available at the 18-hole course.
We have always proven that we are there for each other and always help each other in everyday hotel life. 👭
But the experience in the Spessart/Heigenbrücken climbing forest showed us what real team spirit means. 💪
Creating it in a team that colleagues surpass themselves, overcome fears and reach the goal together, that means TEAM. ????
To then review what you have experienced in the "Altes Forsthaus Heigenbrücken" and to be proud of each individual, that also brings a lot of joy at the end of the day.
Thanks to a great TEAM. With you we can do anything. 💪🥇????
Today our carpenter brought 🪚 Stefan us a wooden disc 🪵 and said it wasn't just a piece of wood.
We also see more in it. 😅
What do you see? ???? Let us know ☺️
So many of you ask for old pictures of ours Gut Hühnerhof☺️
Here are a few nostalgic impressions.
The pictures were taken in 1984.
The first priority was to preserve the buildings: roofs had to be re-covered and the existing building protected from collapsing.
One part was later used as a granary, hence its current name, while the other part became our workshop.
And what happened next, you can see in the last picture.
Today's reception, café, breakfast room and in another wing our granary conference room and part of the rooms.
Take a look for yourself!