No motto could describe the TOP250 conference hotel family better. At least that's what we thought. At the latest since last weekend, however, it has been clear "Hot el Yeah! No job in the world is awesome!” clearly competes with the motto mentioned first.
Especially when a member of our troupe turns it into an absolute catchy tune and performs it live.
The Arcadeon HWW GmbH in Hagen was the scene of a celebration that will go down in the long history of the Top250Conference Hotels project. Great rooms, excellent food, delicious drinks and a relaxed atmosphere until late at night. Yes, we hoteliers not only organize legendary celebrations, we also like to celebrate really well ourselves! And finally it's possible again. A lightness that we have been missing for so long. The rules that have accompanied us like a dark shadow over the past two years seem almost forgotten. On the weekend of the gala everything was real, eventful and all the more heartfelt.
This was not least due to the type of event: presence is so important! TOGETHER it was just a little more carefree in the turbulent and depressing time.
And that's exactly what we celebrated: TOGETHER and FORONETH - an evening full of winners with top rankings in various categories.
Above all, we would like to thank our employees.
We feel very clearly that the next generation is not long in coming. She is already in the starting blocks. Fighting spirit, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, inventiveness, cordiality - you embody all of this and are therefore our most valuable asset!
Every placement is a recognition of your daily work and also shows the trust of our guests. We may not be able to fundamentally change the world, but we can always make the moments given to us more beautiful.
With this in mind: Thanks to all friends, guests, colleagues as well as to the project of the top conference hotels, the many partners and suppliers! Let's keep warming hearts.
To friendship, to togetherness!
PS: "Hot el Yeah! There's no job in the world that's awesome!” – T-shirts and mugs are already being printed.
PPS: just to name a few: