Oktoberfest tournament 2016 golf park Gut Hühnerhof

On yesterday's day of German unification, a total of 58 golfers competed in the Oktoberfest tournament, which was held in the team ranking of a four-way selection drive.

Luckily there was no big downpour and so all participants were able to play the round halfway dry and well strengthened thanks to the halfway catering consisting of freshly baked pretzels, white sausages, sweet mustard and obatzda. The sun's rays at the end of the tournament even allowed the players, who were dressed in traditional costumes, to enjoy their free Oktoberfest beer from the Löwenbräu brewery on the terrace. For dinner there was a buffet with knuckles, dumplings and sauerkraut, as well as a dessert.

We congratulate the winners of the tournament and look forward to the successful day of the tournament and the successful Oktoberfest evening!