As in every year, our hotel was presented to the hoteliers present before the places were allocated. Uta Müller wrote our eulogy this year.
And since we found them so adorable, we don't want to withhold these from you:
It is undisputed that an undisturbed location in beautiful nature offers the best prerequisites for being a successful retreat hotel. But here, in the Hessian Main-Kinzig district, there is much more: Here you can enjoy the relaxing holiday atmosphere of an old manor that has been lovingly restored. The warm, relaxed interaction of the flock of chickens with each other and of course with the guests. You can feel the authenticity of the surroundings and the people living here everywhere, which has a beneficial effect on the mood of the conference guests. Responsible for this feeling of well-being and the inspiring learning environment is Myriam Hecker - she is the engine, creative director, manager, mother, dog lover, carnival fool and warm hostess in one person. Together with her family and her young, committed team, she works every day to ensure that the hotel Gut Hühnerhof is and remains one of the best conference hotels.
What do you think? It turned out great, didn't it?🥰